Arrowhead Nation

By: Nick Sullivan

Mission Statement

Our mission is Informing, Exciting, Living it.

List Goals

  • To inform fans of games and game times
  • To excite fans
  • Provide info for tickets
  • Show new products
  • Show times for events


Mainly males age 15 - 80. All levels. Anyone with access to a computer. Midwest. English specking.
All ethnicitys.

End-User Scenarios

William Anderson is a toll booth worker in Kansas City Missiouri. He works from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
He is not married and lives in an appartment with 2 other people. William is 26 years old and has a 2 year degree in buisness.
William visits my site for info on team standings and out of bordom. He likes to see team news and scores.

Adam Willison is 47 years old Engineer who lives in New York. He grew up in Ames Iowa. Growing up Kansas City was his favorite team. He has a wife and 4 kids. He makes alot of money. he has tickets to some Kansas City home games.
Adam visits my site to get team info and scores. He likes to plan his trips ahead of time and get to good games. He likes to see team news and get excited about his trip.

Luke Beker is a 19 year old college student at Iowa State University. He enjoys going to Iowa State games and playing fantasy football. He is getting a 4 year degree in design. He has alot of free time while at college. He likes to check the scores and see stats for his fantasy football.
Luke visits my website to get info on his favorite team, to see who they will play next, and to see scores and news. He looks to see if some of his players will have good matchups.

Site Metaphor

Your Team. Your Town. Your Life.


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A) News
1) injurys
2) trades
3) deadlines

B) Scores
1) week 1
2) week 2
3) week 3

C) Standings
1) AFC
2) NFC
3) NFL

D) Roster
1) Depth Chart
2) Player info

E) Stat Leaders
1) Rushing
2) Passing
3) Reciving
4) Defence