End-User Scenarios

Mission Statement

Quality Mineral Cosmetics
Best suited to YOU

List Goals

  • Create an easy to use website.
  • Create a good looking website.
  • Get a lot of traffic.
  • Have an overall professional website.
  • Make it a reccomendable website.


  • Teenage to all ages of adults.
  • May be a target to females, but also to males who are interested.

End-User Scenarios

Scenario 1:
Ayame Takahashi is in her late 20's, and she is a make up artist for TV talkshow hosts. She wants to experiment with something new to try on her clients.
Ayame likes CNS Cosmetics, because she has started experimenting with mineral make up. She also likes CNS Cosmetics because it gives her a wide variety of shades and colors to experiment with.

Scenario 2:
Susanna Flower is a young adult of about 18. She is vegan, and she finds it difficult to find commercial make up products that neither test on animals nor use non-vegan indgrediants in their product.
Susanna is attracted to CNS Cosmetics because all of their make up is 100% Vegan! They are also animal testing free. This means that not only does CNS Cosmetics not test on animals, but neither do the companies they obtain their ingrediants from.

Scenario 3:
Manda Parker is in her early 40's. She has decided she wants to be more natural with the make up she wears. Manda is drawn towards mineral make up because it is natrual and healthy for your skin.
Manda likes CNS Cosmetics because all of the products are natural. There are no harsh chemicals in any of the products because they are all mineral. This keeps Manda a happy customer. :)


Make up is an art.


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