Web Site Development Plan

Students will read and follow the steps in Tutorial 2 of Dreamweaver (pp. 47-69)

Writing Project

  1. List of Goals (p49)
  2. Choose Target Audience (p51)
  3. Gather Information (p53)
  4. Explore Existing Web sites (p54)
  5. End-User Scenario (p55)
  6. Compose Mission Statement (supplemental)
  7. Complete Quick Check Questions 2.1 (p56)
  8. Information Chunking; Create Outline (p57)
  9. Infor Chunking; Create a Flowchart/Site Map (p58)
  10. Concept/Metaphor (p60)
  11. Determine Color Scheme (p64)
  12. Select Font Family (p66)
  13. Select or Create Graphics (p67)
  14. Create a Layout Sketch (p69)
  15. Complete Quick Check Questions 2.2 (p69)
  16. Proposal Document
  • Mission Statement
  • List Goals
  • Audience
  • End-User Scenarios
  • Concept/Metaphor
  • Outline
  • Flow Chart

Developer Project

Begin Building Site
  • 5 pages, including home, about, and contacts pages
  • Include external links, semantic links for navigation, anchors, and mailto link
  • Include one tabled layout
  • Include one form
  • Include at least one graphic
  • Should adhere to the site metaphor, font, color schemes chosen during planning process

Here's a powerpoint on developing a website which pretty well follows our same order