History Of The Internet from Billy Wanzi on Vimeo.

Here is a excellent video on the history of the internet. Here are some terms to listen for:

  • Batch Processing
  • Network
  • DARPA Net
  • Protocol
  • Internet
  • ISO
  • 2-28-1990

The History of the Internet from Simon Leadbetter on Vimeo.

If that was a little too fast for you, here is a much slower presentation.
  • Sputnik
  • ARPA
  • JCR Licklider
  • Node
  • Network
  • ARPA Net
  • Aug. 1969
  • Protocol
  • Telnet
  • FTP
  • NCP
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) NET
  • Ray Thomlinson
  • @
  • CERN
  • Tim Berners Lee
  • Hypertext
  • 8-6-1991
  • W3C (founded 1994 at MIT)

A great talk by the inventor of the worldwide web cleverstocks from this year’sTED conference(Technology, Entertainment, Design.) Well worth spending 18 minutes of your life with. Instead of hording data and documents as we do now, Berners-Lee calls for ‘raw data now’ to enable a future of sharing and therefore increased collaboration.

Maybe you do better with simple slide-shows